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02-08-2023, 01:23 PM
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21-06-2023, 01:23 PM
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28-01-2023, 06:35 PM
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31-12-2022, 06:35 PM
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09-10-2022, 05:35 PM
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03-10-2022, 05:35 PM
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16-05-2022, 05:35 PM
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  Short announcement.
Posted by: SoggyCow - 02-08-2023, 01:23 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Short announcement.
Lots of hard work by the new Dev team members. High quality custom monsters added to ⁠║media║ , Go check it out. ?

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  Beta-1 ended a while ago, we learned a lot and took note of all suggestions.
Posted by: SoggyCow - 21-06-2023, 01:23 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Beta-1 ended a while ago, we learned a lot and took note of all suggestions.

We're completely working the Warrior class. Also we just went from a 3-man dev team to 6. When the 3 new guys finish their last project, we'll all geek on AO development. HUGE graphics update.

Beta-2: Coming Soon
This release has a weapon/armor system with enhancement pimping, small tutorial area level 1-3, 30 mobs lvl1-30 in the world, etc. This version may be the last beta without needing a Beta-3 as our team's size has doubled. Founder's funding will be needed for buying youtube/tiktok/google/fb mass advertising.

The main goal here is to make a simple MMORPG that doesn't require a wiki page just to play it. If players need to consult a wiki page online in order to play your over-complicated game - you dun goofed!

The work the 3 new devs have done looks like AAA funded horror game content compared to what we've made so far, so they're a GREAT addition to the team! The new client will be available for download in ⁠║join-beta║ as before. Massive graphics upgrade and amazing new content incoming.

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  Agony Online v0.1.3 (Update #3)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 02-03-2023, 06:35 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

- Updated AO Engine.
*Was 5,600KB, now 13,788KB in size.
- Removed 2 redundant files from game directory.

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  Agony Online v0.1.2 (Update #2)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 30-01-2023, 06:35 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

~NOTICE: Please uninstall previous client (using Uninstall.exe in game directory), then install the newest installer from #join-beta tab in discord. This new release installs AO in "AppData" instead of "Program Files". This is a more proper location, and will stop Administrator Privilege errors with the Launcher.

- Added new error logging service.
- Increased amount of mobs by +50%.
- Fixed Mouse Courser.

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  Agony Online v0.1.1 (Update #1)
Posted by: SoggyCow - 29-01-2023, 06:35 PM - Forum: Patch Notes - No Replies

- Added AI to all mobs (mobile entities).
*Higher level mobs now target players.
- Added more mob spawn locations in the world.
- Adjusted damage calculations of all mobs.
*Damage Increase by 20%.
*Accuracy Increase by 10%.
- Increased amount of Silver drops.
- Removed client error reporting on crash.
*A better reporting system will be added later.
*Please report crashes manually.

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  Open Beta launchers TODAY!
Posted by: SoggyCow - 28-01-2023, 06:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Closed Beta has ended, and Open Beta launches today!

@2019 Gang @2020 Gang @2021 Gang and @2022 Gang thank you for believing in us to get this project playable.

Unlike most Steam games that milk "Early Access" Beta labels for 10 years (7 days to die, etc), this is a true Beta, so don't be discouraged if you login to an uncompleted game.

There are a thousand enemies to kill, a huge unfinished world to explore, main and side quests to complete, pvp to be had, parties to be made, bosses to kill, and wealth to collect.

Updates will be posted via the AO launcher, forums(https://forums.gabhub.com/), and Steam forums weekly.

By request, Closed Beta Tester role will be kept on user's tags, but the Closed Beta Tester online tab will be removed. ║beta-chat║  discord chat tabs will be retired, and all players will go back to using ║general║? as the main section.

You'll find both @{DEV} KiLLeR and myself in the voice chat lobbies, mostly on the weekends.

We haven't added anything to the ingame cash shop yet so I guess that means this isn't a money-grab? ? We'll add things to the ingame Cash Shop once we get payment processing added to our website's User Panel (our web dev hasn't finished it yet). ALL BETA TRANSACTIONS CARRY OVER TO GAME RELEASE +30%. ║buy-founder║ WILL BE DISCONTINUED AND ALL EXCLUSIVE ║cosmetics║ WILL BE DELIVERED TO CUSTOMERS

Shortly today, the Open Beta client will be uploaded to ║join-beta║ .

We haven't added any armor yet, so be careful because the AI is now more aggressive, and went from 100 to 1000 of them. If you have issues with specifically quests, tag @{DEV} KiLLeR.

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  News & BETA Update
Posted by: KiLLeR - 31-12-2022, 06:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hey guys!

We might reveal you some of our Weapon Costumes today. I just added them into the game! I am doing some final preparations before Closed Beta starts today.
Some of the players will get the client without the Updater. After we get the Updater from our programmer, we will upload the client link on here and everyone can join!

What you can do at the start of Closed/Open Beta :
• Run around and try out the movement with WASD and Mouse+click.
• Kill some zombies outside the first town.
• Test out learning of skills + leveling a bit.
• Do some quests (I don't know if I will be able to finish more until we open)
• Warrior class available only (we are currently finalizing the Ranger one, which will be added really really soon to be tested, after that we will work on the Mage model + animations)

NOTE : We are continuously working on the game adding quests, adding more guides and menus, content and enabling features.

There are no item or money drops at the moment from the monsters, but they will be added as we are working on the game.
More monster spawns will be added.
There is a small dungeon if you find it, you will find some monsters there as well, but I will be adding a "Instance" type for it, so a group of people can join it and have a timer to kill all the monsters from the rooms and the final boss and get rewards at the end.

I hope you guys understand that we are rushing a lot so you guys can start testing and enjoying and spreading the word. This is a really really small beta, which will be updated a lot often until the official opens. EVERYTHING will be wiped after Beta ends.

Beta will end after all the content and classes are being done with everything and gameplay is ready up to level 40!

Thank you to all of you who have been waiting all this time, we really hope you enjoy your stay, because without you, this game wouldn't exist at all!
Thank you for your support, for your feedback and let's get this journey started!

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  BETA Survey
Posted by: SoggyCow - 09-10-2022, 05:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Hey folks!

I made a survey with 9 important preBETA questions - multiple choice answers.

We need a good amount of you to complete this (takes maybe 2 minutes) so we have an idea of how BETA will go, and what to focus on.


Thank you so much, y'all are the reason AO has made it this far. ❤️

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  Beta Registration is open!
Posted by: SoggyCow - 03-10-2022, 05:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Account registration info is up at ║join-beta║
Beta account register link: https://agonyonline.com/alpharegister

• This is a Discord-Beta, we won't have Beta on Steam because we don't want huge exposure. People will login expecting a done game and quit forever and give a bad review.
• When you log-in you'll see on our intro page and several notices that this game is a work-in-progress, and we're actively finishing it for release. Users are free to roam around giving feedback on what features they want in the game in ║suggestions║ .
• These Beta accounts don't collect names or emails; its just an ID and PW.
• Once Beta is finished, all accounts will be deleted on database wipe.
• A new database with a userpanel and registration will be created.
• All ║name-reserve║  on Steam Release will be reserved to you.
• AO will be updated daily, maybe every few hours; missions, armor, skills, world edits will be made real-time.
• Its not a top priority, but we'll try to add things in the Cash Shop in-game so we can pay for more assets for a better-looking game, pay our animators, modelers, artists, coders. You will receive all your Cash Shop currency back +30% upon Steam Release as a huge thanks for the urgently needed funding.

We don't want you guys to login and see not much content, so for the next week we're adding content daily so you'll all have something to do so you're not disappointed.

Thanks a lot for sticking around, folks, we're working very hard making this dream project a reality.

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  Steam Wishlist, Team, and FAQ
Posted by: SoggyCow - 16-05-2022, 05:35 PM - Forum: News & Announcements - No Replies

Status update on AO!
Agony Online currently has 1,591+ wishlists on Steam. For an unknown game with zero advertising funds, this is surprisingly awesome! I put both hands in the air in cheer when I saw that number cuz I was expecting maybe 300-ish. ❤️

Our 4-man dev team are mostly beta-ready. AO is our dream priority, and we work when we have time to spare (we got jobs, lives, etc). The holdup is some final code to be completed by our head programmer. The man is a genius programmer by trade, but needs time to finish. When that part of the puzzle is added, we can launch beta.

Some of you may know these details if you're in our discord

1. AO can hold 65,535 max player connections in it's open world, 10K in Battle Royale mode.

2. Hacks don't work because 99% of actions are server-sided. (AAA games fail at this somehow, its crazy).

3. AO brings a nostalgic feeling of gaming with modern systems from simpler times. So you won't need to consult a damn wiki database just to know how to play the game (You can't play most modern MMOs without a wiki).

4. We had backlash from a couple people, one being an emotional 1M sub game review youtuber, about our speech policy from our 01/20/2022 announcement, demanding we ban & censor customers if they say no-no words or commit thought-crimes that are offensive to other's sensitive feelings. We are making it clear that we will never bend the knee to the 1%. I'll repeat our rule on this so its clear. If you don't like what someone in AO says, we have a block/mute feature at your disposal, use it. Don't weaponize our report ticket system cuz feelings. We'll only take action against child endangerment & terroristic threats - also if someone is a special community nuisance, we have a jail system too. If you want social justice, get ur friends together ingame, hunt down, and cut off their head like we did in the early 2000s. Nostalgia! ?

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