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We're live on Indiegogo!
Hello @everyone , we've launched an indiegogo crowd-funding page here:
Our Kickstarter won't be funded in time and will end tomorrow, thus all donations by backers will be automatically refunded by Kickstarter as their policy states.

We've chosen indiegogo as they're more flexible with creators. Our goal is $500 (their minimum allowed) so that once its funded, we can just keep the page up indefinitely so users can purchase backer packages from there until Steam release.

As previously stated, Agony Online is opening on Steam even without funding - we're using these crowd funding platforms to sell Founders Packages and free publicity.

I've sold my car so that we can immediately finish our backend programming, all that is left is some animations from our 3D team (maybe 2 months) > BETA tests (1 month) > Steam Early Access.

We're looking to remake our video trailer because its pretty cringe with the narration (lol sorry). Our 2nd video will be of a Discord video meeting with our team as we will explain our backgrounds and our plans for AO.

...Games just kinds suck right now (we play lots), so we're trying our best to make something very simple that is for both casual and hardcore gamers; something we'd enjoy playing ourselves. There is a formula to making a game special to people, and we believe we have found it.

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