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Thanks & Beta Info
Thanks for the support everyone, please share our website on your social media / friends. Because we are developing & releasing Agony Online quickly, our Discord community is quite small, but it is nice seeing people joining every day! This is a horror MMORPG & 10,000 player Battle Royale, we're doing something new and exciting.

Beta will begin once we finish our Warrior's skill animations. We have gotten a lot done in such little time for a 3-man development team (positions are open). EXP / Item Drop Rate will be highly increased during Beta so players get to see quickly what Agony Online offers for entertainment. During Beta, we will be developing the next 2 classes (Ranger/Witch) and taking ALL player suggestions seriously. After Beta, we'll have a database wipe before Steam Early Access release.

As a small team, we're very humble for anything we receive, so we're giving very nice exclusive in-game rewards; stuff that really makes you pop-out from the rest.

PS, see ?media for our latest graphics update.
Please give us your ideas in ?suggestions you want in this game.
We've simulated 10,000 players at 144FPS, then spawned and killed 22,000 monsters at once at 144FPS with perfect stability!

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