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Registering to Steam
@everyone Thanks SO much for your support! We're submitting and paying the fees for our Steam page application this week. The process usually takes a month to get on the Store page. We will have a "Coming Soon" release date on the store page once it is up. Our target is Saturday, December 19th. Our Kickstarter page will be up relatively soon with a video trailer we're working on. We've been running on pocket lint for a 11 months, we need funds for additional coding and licenses. Backers will be given out "Founders" exclusive costumes and in-game pets that will no longer be obtainable after 2020. Founders will have their own role in discord to give additional feedback and help steer the game's path. Our dream has always been to create a famous game we want to play ourselves. 2020 has been a AGONIZING year, so lets make 2021 entertaining with the first-ever MMORPG & 10,000 player Battle Royal.

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