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Here's An Update!

Hey AO Community!
Here's an update on our progress!

Transparency is best to answer this, so here's the facts.
- Skills are completed FINALLY! #media
- We already wrote ALL the mob AI stats (ATK/HP/etc) just have paste them into our network. Same for the player Armor & Weapon stats. YAY !
- Our next meeting with our main programmer will be Monday (19th). His job is updating our client with our game feature ideas, etc, and encrypting everything to protect our game from any exploits and content thieves (pretty standard).
- We need to add the quests from the story-lines we already written (only takes some hours to do).
- Our security professional will test our game's network for vulnerabilities.
- THEN BETA BEGINS!!! Download & Registration links will be posted in #join-beta . HOW LONG WILL BETA LAST?? AND WILL WE KEEP OUR PROGRESS AFTER BETA?!?
- During BETA, we will be addressing content suggestions and general improvements to our game.
- BETA will continue until we add our Archer & Mage classes.
- It is normal for all games to clear the database after BETA is finished, that being said, our EXP/Drop rates will be dramatically increased and Daily Login Rewards will give free Cash Shop currency, so that all players get a good feeling of what this game is and has to offer in terms of fun!
- Once everything from BETA is completed, we expect 7 days downtime while we transfer our game hosting to a very powerful & secure host in a location that supports ALL countries, so we can have a single GLOBAL server.
- We will set a date on Steam for official release, then BINGO! Agony Online!

...LOL how can you have AO2 already planned?? [Image: 859786129154375701.gif?v=1]

- Being that our game is COMPLETELY unknown to the world, we had to strategize how to grow and hold a community. Low graphics & our netcode will allow ANYONE with a $20 Hello Kitty laptop using stolen dial-up to play; this will make our game/community inclusive to absolutely anyone so we get a good head-start on growth.
- Graphics don't make a game, content and game-play does. We know this from people still playing Runescape, Minecraft, PUBG, Roblox, etc etc.
- Our plan is, once AO has a large community, we'll use the money made from our game and begin development of AO2, hiring staff for Unreal Engine 5. AO2 will have the same database as AO1 so people don't lose their invested time & money and the AO2 world/players/mobs etc will be ported from AO1... basically a massive client update. That's basically our plan/strategy for the years we have ahead.

Please share our Discord with your friends.

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