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Welcome all new players like me ...

Welcome all new players ... i found this game in Steam. Very like Horror Game like this hope DEV will make game cool day after day )) gl

Hello there! Hope we all get to see this game one day. It looks promising!

But quoting what was posted on Discord: "simple old-style MMORPG that won't need a wiki page". I honestly have no problem searching for things on Wiki if it's clear and simple enough to be explained there without having an almost infinite vertical page to detail everything, as in RuneScape. And I DO love RuneScape, but some things are really waaaaay too detailed to be easily put in a wiki page.

So here's the thing: how will it be so simple that it doesn't need a wiki to help players understand what is going on with a specific mechanic within the game? Is this really plausible with every mechanic inside the game? Will there be detailed information in-game about everything? A "book of knowledge" (just made that up) or something like that? If not, a link directly to the Wiki could be a solution and I see no problem in alt tabbing to better prepare myself for what's to come. Some may dislike it and prefer everything in-game easily accessible.

So how is this achievable then? Just wanna know more about this as it was directly mentioned by SoggyCow and I find it a very interesting topic as games gets more and more complex, even though this is supposed to be an old-school style of MMORPG.

(11-20-2020, 07:24 AM)Colpus Wrote: how will it be so simple that it doesn't need a wiki to help players understand what is going on with a specific mechanic within the game?

Will there be detailed information in-game about everything?

Hey, Colpus, welcome to the first stage of AO! Big Grin

1) The game will be simply defeating monsters by yourself or with a party, finishing storyline & repeatable quests, and enhancing your gear.
All gear, including accessories are enhanced up to +20 using self-explanatory items like Enhancement Stones. You can buy them from the Blacksmith or get them as random drops, drag/drop them onto your gear and the gear becomes stronger. After +5, the gear has a chance to fail upon enhancing, which gets more difficult the higher grade it is.
Like Destiny 2 and Black Desert Online, we won't be using player levels as requirements to use gear. Common gear can be purchased at the Blacksmith, but Rare, Epic, and Legendary will be dropped from killing monsters/world bosses. The more rare a part is, the harder it is to enhance, but it is much stronger. We have several bonus enhancements to armor planned as well, if you are going for a TANK build, you can enhance your gear to have bonus Defense, or Evasion, Strength, Health, etc - whatever you're custom goal is.
We want this game to be all about your weapons/armor, because so much work is put into enhancing them, they become personal to a player.

2) Yes, everything in this game will be completely self-explanatory. I can't even play Destiny 2 or Black Desert myself without looking up youtube tutorials or wiki pages.

3) The 10,000 player battle royal will be self-explanatory as well. We will have automated broadcasts of when BR begins, and you can register for it by pressing a button. If you don't like BR, you can just continue on playing the normal mmorpg.

Hope this answers some questions!

Hey, SoggyCow! Thanks!

1) That's awesome to hear. I don't have a problem with level requirements, but without them everything gets a little better. But that raised one more question for me: are we getting skills? I mean, similar to Tibia, RuneScape, UO in a way you can improve a lot of aspects of your character. If so, these will not be related to gear? If not, the real endgame goal would be enhancing? I like that idea. It's a different kind o grind but I like it. With "failing" to enhance you mean breaking the item or downgrading/simply failing?

2) That's awesome to hear!

3) Broadcasts are always a good idea in my opinion. I like how in RuneScape we get a lot of broadcasts of people getting 99 in a skill, max in a skill, dropping/getting certain items. I feel that makes the game look soooooo much more alive. And the possibilities are infinite. The more you add to it, better it looks. (without a crazy spam, of course. Could still be a toggle)

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