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Open Beta launchers TODAY!
Closed Beta has ended, and Open Beta launches today!

@2019 Gang @2020 Gang @2021 Gang and @2022 Gang thank you for believing in us to get this project playable.

Unlike most Steam games that milk "Early Access" Beta labels for 10 years (7 days to die, etc), this is a true Beta, so don't be discouraged if you login to an uncompleted game.

There are a thousand enemies to kill, a huge unfinished world to explore, main and side quests to complete, pvp to be had, parties to be made, bosses to kill, and wealth to collect.

Updates will be posted via the AO launcher, forums(, and Steam forums weekly.

By request, Closed Beta Tester role will be kept on user's tags, but the Closed Beta Tester online tab will be removed. ║beta-chat║  discord chat tabs will be retired, and all players will go back to using ║general║? as the main section.

You'll find both @{DEV} KiLLeR and myself in the voice chat lobbies, mostly on the weekends.

We haven't added anything to the ingame cash shop yet so I guess that means this isn't a money-grab? ? We'll add things to the ingame Cash Shop once we get payment processing added to our website's User Panel (our web dev hasn't finished it yet). ALL BETA TRANSACTIONS CARRY OVER TO GAME RELEASE +30%. ║buy-founder║ WILL BE DISCONTINUED AND ALL EXCLUSIVE ║cosmetics║ WILL BE DELIVERED TO CUSTOMERS

Shortly today, the Open Beta client will be uploaded to ║join-beta║ .

We haven't added any armor yet, so be careful because the AI is now more aggressive, and went from 100 to 1000 of them. If you have issues with specifically quests, tag @{DEV} KiLLeR.

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