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News & BETA Update
Hey guys!

We might reveal you some of our Weapon Costumes today. I just added them into the game! I am doing some final preparations before Closed Beta starts today.
Some of the players will get the client without the Updater. After we get the Updater from our programmer, we will upload the client link on here and everyone can join!

What you can do at the start of Closed/Open Beta :
• Run around and try out the movement with WASD and Mouse+click.
• Kill some zombies outside the first town.
• Test out learning of skills + leveling a bit.
• Do some quests (I don't know if I will be able to finish more until we open)
• Warrior class available only (we are currently finalizing the Ranger one, which will be added really really soon to be tested, after that we will work on the Mage model + animations)

NOTE : We are continuously working on the game adding quests, adding more guides and menus, content and enabling features.

There are no item or money drops at the moment from the monsters, but they will be added as we are working on the game.
More monster spawns will be added.
There is a small dungeon if you find it, you will find some monsters there as well, but I will be adding a "Instance" type for it, so a group of people can join it and have a timer to kill all the monsters from the rooms and the final boss and get rewards at the end.

I hope you guys understand that we are rushing a lot so you guys can start testing and enjoying and spreading the word. This is a really really small beta, which will be updated a lot often until the official opens. EVERYTHING will be wiped after Beta ends.

Beta will end after all the content and classes are being done with everything and gameplay is ready up to level 40!

Thank you to all of you who have been waiting all this time, we really hope you enjoy your stay, because without you, this game wouldn't exist at all!
Thank you for your support, for your feedback and let's get this journey started!

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