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Steam Wishlist, Team, and FAQ
Status update on AO!
Agony Online currently has 1,591+ wishlists on Steam. For an unknown game with zero advertising funds, this is surprisingly awesome! I put both hands in the air in cheer when I saw that number cuz I was expecting maybe 300-ish. ❤️

Our 4-man dev team are mostly beta-ready. AO is our dream priority, and we work when we have time to spare (we got jobs, lives, etc). The holdup is some final code to be completed by our head programmer. The man is a genius programmer by trade, but needs time to finish. When that part of the puzzle is added, we can launch beta.

Some of you may know these details if you're in our discord

1. AO can hold 65,535 max player connections in it's open world, 10K in Battle Royale mode.

2. Hacks don't work because 99% of actions are server-sided. (AAA games fail at this somehow, its crazy).

3. AO brings a nostalgic feeling of gaming with modern systems from simpler times. So you won't need to consult a damn wiki database just to know how to play the game (You can't play most modern MMOs without a wiki).

4. We had backlash from a couple people, one being an emotional 1M sub game review youtuber, about our speech policy from our 01/20/2022 announcement, demanding we ban & censor customers if they say no-no words or commit thought-crimes that are offensive to other's sensitive feelings. We are making it clear that we will never bend the knee to the 1%. I'll repeat our rule on this so its clear. If you don't like what someone in AO says, we have a block/mute feature at your disposal, use it. Don't weaponize our report ticket system cuz feelings. We'll only take action against child endangerment & terroristic threats - also if someone is a special community nuisance, we have a jail system too. If you want social justice, get ur friends together ingame, hunt down, and cut off their head like we did in the early 2000s. Nostalgia! ?

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