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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas @everyone !

Since BETA is around the corner, we thought about the support from the community; giving feedback, reporting bugs, etc. So we are including $20 game cash (and many more items) in the Beta Rewards Package which will be in the storage of all players that have made accounts and logged in during Beta.

We hope this will encourage players to tell their friends about AO, furthermore, we have a Mentor system in-game which will reward players helping players; the more newbies that register you as their Mentor, the more rewards you unlock ?

Unrelated, we'll release our ToS policy this week on our site. This can be a very competitive game, so we like people doing / saying whatever without worrying about feelings police ?

2022 is going to be very exciting, let's hope the world doesn't nuke itself or release Covid-2000 ? ?

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