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@everyone GREETINGS! It has been 5 months since our last announcement.

We literally have 1 last step to take before Discord BETA is launched; encrypting our game client for security. BETA Release will be announced!

Since we are using our own custom engine, our lead programmer has to make a custom encryption. These things take time, especially when our team is developing AO on commission pay (which makes progress slow). We've exhausted our funding (I sold my other car), so our team is developing on their free time. We expect good funding from our cash shop upon Steam Release after BETA is complete, so we can pay our dev team well and continue adding further content as the game progresses - adding more areas, levels, enemies, gear, etc.

MONUMENTAL thanks to @{DEV} GhettoScouser for spending his free time developing core animations of AO, and our lead programmer spending extra time coding essential functions. @{DEV} KiLLeR and I are grinding on our savings to get this AO project released WITHOUT it being rushed with bugs.

We're HUMBLY grateful to our @Founder group for pre-ordering Founder's Packages from KickStarter and IndieGoGo - both of which have been closed, and we've just opened our own funding page on our website so there is no middle-man and every dollar goes straight into AO development!

Thank you so much everyone, we strive to satisfy you by making the best game possible.

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