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Beta Registration has opened
@everyone **THE TIME HAS COME!**
Account registration info is up at #〘join-beta〙
Beta account register link:

• This is a Discord-Beta, we won't have Beta on Steam because we don't want huge exposure. People will login expecting a done game and quit forever and give a bad review.
• When you log-in you'll see on our intro page and several notices that this game is a work-in-progress, and we're actively finishing it for release. Users are free to roam around giving feedback on what features they want in the game in #〘suggestions〙 .
• These Beta accounts don't collect names or emails; its just an ID and PW.
• Once Beta is finished, all accounts will be deleted on database wipe.
• A new database with a userpanel and registration will be created.
• All #〘name-reservations〙  on Steam Release will be reserved to you.
• AO will be updated daily, maybe every few hours; missions, armor, skills, world edits will be made real-time.
• Its not a top priority, but we'll try to add things in the Cash Shop in-game so we can pay for more assets for a better-looking game, pay our animators, modelers, artists, coders. You will receive all your Cash Shop currency back +30% upon Steam Release as a huge thanks for the ***urgently needed funding***.

We don't want you guys to login and see not much content, so for the **next week** we're adding content daily so you'll all have something to do so you're not disappointed.

Thanks a lot for sticking around, folks, we're working very hard making this dream project a reality.

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