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Beta Rewards & Business Operations
Hey @everyone , we've submitted AO to the Epic Games Store; so we'll be on both Steam & EpicGames platforms.

BETA Rewards
Thanks for being here before launch! You can lock-in your BETA Rewards here:

We really want this community to grow so we have a packed BETA & Early Access release, please let your friends know about Agony Online, our website is

Yes! We got more work done, another skill was added, and another almost finished for an enjoyable game. Check ║media║ , as we're adding to it regularly. Also, we want your ║suggestions║ on what you want in AO.

We're launching a Facebook/Twitter/Youtube hybrid social platform soon after AO's release, called . With all the crazy censorship going on and people quitting Facebook, we thought it would be cool to try this out.

Agony Online Forums
If you enjoy forums, we have one created here:
We check it often, and plan to be mostly active there after Steam release, because posts are more formal than Discord chats.

alright, back to work ?

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