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Beta & Founders
Thanks for the support @everyone , please share our website on your social media / friends. Because we are developing & releasing Agony Online quickly, our Discord community is quite small, but it is nice seeing people joining every day! This is a horror MMORPG & 10,000 player Battle Royale, we're doing something new and exciting.

Beta will begin once we finish our Warrior's skill animations. We have gotten a lot done in such little time for a 3-man development team (positions are open). EXP / Item Drop Rate will be highly increased during Beta so players get to see quickly what Agony Online offers for entertainment. During Beta, we will be developing the next 2 classes (Ranger/Witch) and taking ALL player suggestions seriously. After Beta, we'll have a database wipe before Steam Early Access release.

As a small team, we're very humble for anything we receive, so we're giving very nice exclusive in-game rewards; stuff that really makes you pop-out from the rest.

PS, see ║media║ for our latest graphics update.
Please give us your ideas in ║suggestions║ you want in this game.
We've simulated 10,000 players at 144FPS, then spawned and killed 22,000 monsters at once at 144FPS with perfect stability!

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