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Closed Beta Test #2 - SoggyCow - 22-06-2020

July 11th we are releasing our client again for Closed Beta Test #2.
Many things have changed.
New character has been added.
Armor system has been added.
Weapon system has been added.
PvE & PvP Attacking has been enabled.
The world has been expanded 40%.
Much more.

Beta Testers will receive an awesome package when we're live on Steam. If you want to be Beta Tester, contact us and we'll issue you *CLOSED BETA TESTER role and send you our beta client download and an account for testing.
Currently everything we're doing is out of our own pockets so there is a lot of love going into this MMORPG, a game we want to play ourselves. ? If you want to support development, community motivates us. Please share this discord with your friends.