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Hello @everyone, our Discord is 159 members strong, and you all inspire us to work hard at completing core functions to make a playable & enjoyable Open BETA.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We are a micro-team of currently 3 developers, so thank you for understanding and sticking with us after our DELAY of March 18th 2021's (end of Winter) planned BETA date.

What is done so far?
As normal every-day gamers ourselves, we want to be transparent about our progress. Currently, the World, the Monsters, NPCs, Quests, Battle Royale, Guild War, RAIDS & Boss Fights are working as planned for this massive Horror MMORPG & Battle Royale.

What remains for a playable BETA is some skill animations?
We have 2 of 6 completed. This is why when asked, we say BETA is "very soon". @{DEV} GhettoScouser  is our 3D animation artist; he has made everything from sitting, standing, drinking, dying, eating, melee attacks, blocks, evade, etc etc etc etc etc - he has done a terrific job, and nearing completion with these last few skills for BETA to begin.

BETA will continue until the day of Steam Release (when 2 more classes are created with their own set of skills). Until then, players can play 24/7 if they desire. We will have awesome rewards for players participating in BETA, and those whom achieved the most during BETA. Rewards list will be announced once BETA has opened.

We want to thank our active discord members @Awesome109 , @Vexris , @Berith and @Colpus for keeping the chat active for such a currently tiny community. Thank you @ham for testing the game a while back UwU ^.^

Massive thanks to @Davon Crushin for faithfully ?  purchasing our Founders game package without seeing much of the game yet.

there, i think thats a pretty good announcement ^^